VANITY FAIR- intervju del. 6

Här är de 5 sista frågorna i VANITY FAIR- intervjun. Hope you'll like them as muchas I did ^^*


VF: Are you a star in your dreams?
BK: I once had a nightmare: I lie in bed, in a room made of glass and all around me are photographers, who take tons of pictures of me. I say to our team: "Shit, shit, can't you just get them out of here?" But one guy says: "No, I can't do that. You've got an appointment and you overslept." But I never missed an appointment. I always have three alarm clocks, so that I don't oversleep. And I'm never unpunctual.

VF: Why did no one ever see you dance?
BK: I never dance. I just sit in the corner - unless I'm really drunk. I do it then. I think, dancing is a girls-thing. Even though is might sound chavvy: Only girls have to dance everywhere.

VF: Do you somethimes think about your own funeral?
BK: I have to say: Yes. My friends, who are the same age as me, also think about it. You imagine who would be there and who would really cry for you.

VF: Which music should be played at your burial?
BK: "Magic Dance" of David Bowie from the movie "Labyrinth". It's a really funny song and "Labyrinth" is a movie from my childhood and I still love it to pieces.

VF: What will you wear in your coffin?
BK: I wear everything black and a leather jacket. My last will would definitley be that my hair is styled. I'll hopefully have enough hair left. If not, someone should definitely put a wig on my head.


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