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En kompis till mig hittade en skit lång intervju med Bill Kaulitz i förrgår :D:D jag lägger upp den här så att ni också får se den ^^ det är 55 frågor så jag tar 10 frågor i taget och de 5 sista på slutet så att ni orkar läsa ;D


Bill Kaulitz, singer of Tokio Hotel, about damaged vocal cords, the drug called fame and his own funeral. 
"Goupie sex disgusts me" 

A rule for journalists says that interviewing an 18-years-old is as reasonable as milking a stone. But it's different with Bill Kaulitz. His first kiss or the addiction to fame: the teen star who is often labeled as gay, talks more eloquent than most of the German showbiz veterans. VANITY FAIR met Bill shortly before his surgery and had e-mail contact with him after the surgery. 

VF: Mister Kaulitz, how do you feel after the surgery of your vocal cords? 
BK: Well, just how you feel after someone shoved a metal rail down your throat while you were under general anesthesia, to cut something off of your vocal cords. Everybody knows this feeling. I'm really glad I'm over and done with this. But I'm still scared about my voice and I feel bad for the canceled concerts. 

VF: For how long will you have to rest? 
BK: I'm not allowed to speak for 12 days after the surgery. After that I have to do four weeks of rehabilitation. I can't wait for this. 

VF: Let's talk about the beginnings. It's said that creativity feeds from the memory of hurt and mortification. What was yours? 
BK: The thing that hurt me most was the divorce of my parents. I was seven years old and I didn't understand it. It influenced me a lot. There's a song about it on our first album. It's called "Gegen meinen Willen". 

VF: We know that your stepfather Gordon Trümper is a guitar teacher. What is your biological father doing? 
BK: He's a truck driver and lives in Hanover. 

VF: When you were 8 years old, your family moved from Magdeburg to Loitsche, where only 700 people live. How did you experience this move? 
BK: I felt terrible, because I'm not a country-type at all. You can imagine how Tom and I stood out. They looked at us like we were some aliens who are completely nuts. School was terrible too. I had to get up at half past five every morning, to catch the bus to Wolmirstedt, and wasn't home before half past four. How I hated this! And always the same faces at school. It was the worst time of my life. 

VF: How did the teachers react to the brothers Kaulitz? 
BK: Tom and I were always together until 7th grade. Then we were parted as punishment. It was a real slap in the face which really influenced us. Until then we did everything together. We're identical twins and really close. Of course we fought the disciplinary transfer, but the teachers said that they wouldn't be able to stand up to us because we were both bigmouths. I wasn't somebody who raised his finger and then talked in a hushed voice. I always shouted. My mum was called to school every second day. 

VF: It was your specialty to appeal class tests if those weren't given back to you in due time. Where did you get this know-how from? 
BK: I always knew that I don't need the school, because I'd be a singer. Because the teachers annoyed me to no end, I studied my rights. I knew what they were allowed to do and what not. I sometimes had a teacher that was completely awful. Some of them didn't want to say "Good day" to me because my hair was styled up and my fingernails were painted black. They said that I couldn't go to school like that. One of them didn't want to teach me because I look like I look. He said things like "Your head isn't only for nice hair." I was an anti-pupil and did not put up with any of this. 

VF: How were your marks? 
BK: Great. I always had a grade point average of 1,8. That's what annoyed the teachers most. 

VF: Were the teachers able to hurt you? 
BK: Not at all. I wasn't a sick freak, chewing on my nails. I was very self-confident. I went to school like this because I knew everyone would look and the teachers would talk about it. I enjoyed this. I wanted to attract attention with my styling. The people were supposed to talk about me. 

VF: A short time ago, you finished secondary school via correspondence school. How important is it to be able to differ omelette from Hamlet? 
BK: Well, one should be able to tell the difference. But the school system is too less individual. Why should I study maths when I know that I will never ever need it again in my life? I dropped music in 8th grade. Everyone was dumbfounded. But we only learned the CVs of some people by heart - zero inspiration. I always got bad grades for singing because we had to warble folk songs. It was horror! 


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