VANITY FAIR- intervju del. 5


VF: How did you annoy your girlfriends?
BK: I speak really loud. The whole day. And always with hands and feet. And I never let people talk. Everyone's annoyed by that.

VF: Which is harder: loving someone else or loving oneself?
BK: Oneself. It's really hard to stand by everything you are. There are incredibly many moments in which I'm insecure and would love to dig a hole to crawl in, pull a blanket over myself and stay there for a year. Sometimes I'm glad we're in this rush and have one concert after the other, this way you don't have time to think much. You just don't have time for loneliness.

VF: Can you still live without a celeb-sitter?
BK: I can't just go to the bakery. So of course someone else does this. But I'm still suitable for daily use, because my problem is that I'm incredibly perfectionist. I can't let other people do things. It's abnormal - and gets worse. Everything has to be fixed into detail, cause I need to know exactly what's coming up. Or else I go crazy. Tom's also this stressed out. Although we pay so many people to relieve us of some things. But we created all this, so it's hard for us when other people lay hand on Tokio Hotel.

VF: Do you also control your finances yourself?
BK: Yes. I already did this when I was 13. I have access to all accounts and control this just like I control my career.

VF: Do you know how many millions you've got?
A woman with clipboard from the record label shouts from the background: "No talk about money!"

VF: When will you buy your parents a villa?
BK: As soon as I can afford it. I definitely want to live together with my parents. We're so close, I wouldn't think of it being a strain. There are no limits where I'd say: "Oh my god, now please go out."

VF: Let's assume that you'll be kidnapped. What would be a reasonable amount for a ransom?
BK: As much as all my friends could get together. Of course they should get their money back in the end.

VF: What do you think about the fall of Britney Spears?
BK: I can understand how something like that can happen, because I live the same life. Other people probably think: "She has money, she achieved everything, why doesn't she just relax?" I couldn't imagine myself being a solo artist and to be alone on the road all the time. I don't trust myself to carry this huge pressure alone.

VF: Madonna said in 1991: "I will only be happy when I'm as famous as god." Are you congenial?
BK: Of course it's a funny statement. But I can totally understand it, cause there's no stop. You don't just say: "Well, now I'm famous in Germany and that's enough." You aspire to be everywhere as succesful as possible. Even if I'd be immensely wealthy and would own my own island, I'd still go on. It's right: Fame is a drug. The detox would be a blow, I would hardly be able to handle.

VF: If drugs weren't illegal: which would you like to try?
BK: Something relaxing that leads to me not needing to control everything anymore.


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