VANITY FAIR- intervju del. 4


VF: How old were you back then?
BK: Eleven. She was three years older and experienced.

VF: When had Tom his first sex?
BK: He was 14, if I remember correctly.

VF: It's said that Tom goes through women like there's no tomorrow.
BK: I let him do whatever he wants. That he has the nerve to get someone else every night. I wouldn't fancy this. But we were always different when it came to that.

VF: Your colleague Robbie Williams once told us that there are two kinds of groupies in Germany. One kind wants to take a photo during the sex to have a proof to show their friends. The other kind would ask "Robbie, are you sure your feelings for me are real?" during the sex.
BK: Tom also tells me this. Since we're on the road so much, I didn't take anyone to my bed. It disgusts me, to have someone I don't even know in my bed every night. I didn't reach this point yet. I wouldn't have the confidence to take a girl up to my room for one night. The only private thing you have while on tour, is your hotel room. And to let someone sleep there for one night - no, I'd be really skeptic.

VF: Did you already have sex?
BK: I want this to be my secret.

VF: Does it surprise you that some people think you're gay?
BK: Not at all. Most of them have this cliché way of thinking: make-up plus styled hair equals gay. I wanted to set this statement, that this is not the case. Everyone can do what he wants. One thing doesn't necessarily have to do with the other.

VF: What would you do if you were a girl for one day?
BK: I'd definitely not hook up with my brother.

VF: But?
BK: Oh my god, what would I do? Probably the same as I do now, cause I don't tell it apart.

VF: What would you like to forbid girls?
BK: Not being jealous, because jealousy is very important. When I'm in love I immediately claim everything and don't let go anymore. It would drive me crazy if my girlfriend would tell me: "Bill, I don't care about all those screaming girls. I totally trust you."

VF: Were you ever deceived?
BK: No. I also never deceived someone. Faithfulness is the most important thing for me.


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