VANITY FAIR- intervju del. 3


VF: About 200 female teenager collapse from ecstasy during your concerts, they hold up posters with slogans like "Fuck me through the monsoon". How does it feel to know that millions of girls project their sprouting sexual fantasies onto you?
BK: I don't think about it much, to be honest. Sometimes we look at each other and have to laugh because we just can't imagine that someone has one of our posters on their walls. But I always thought it would be cool to hang at someones wall. In the past, I often sat in my room, thinking about what my idol Nena is doing, where she is and what she's thinking. I can't quite believe that other people now sit in their rooms and think about me. To me, I'm so normal, we are so unspecial to each other. We are oblivious to ourselves. 

VF: How often do you think about yourself in third person? 
BK: Sometimes. But accidentally. When I'm unmotivated to do something, I think: Bill should do it nonetheless, because it's good for the band. 

VF: Your aplomb appearance in public appears to be eldrich for some people. Is there a difference between the character Bill and the real Bill? 
BK: You keep some things to yourself. But apart from that, there are no great differences perforce. The last three years were a run without break. There wasn't a cut when you arrived somewhere and had some private time. Even on tour we had cameras all around us, 24 hours a day. How can you experience something that not everyone knows about only a few hours later? But that's what I always wanted. Thus I have to cope with it. 

VF: Those we envy rarely feel enviable. What's the most annoying about being Bill? 
BK: The main problem of people like me is to trust. It's hard for me to believe someone and let myself go. During the past years I didn't make any new friends and I didn't fall in love. When I meet someone, I'm really careful and skeptic and ask myself: What's behind this? One unfortunately often meets people who turn out to be weird or tell something to the press. If I wouldn't be this famous, I would have probably fallen in love with someone I know a long time ago. 

VF: Who betrayed your trust the worst? 
BK: I never let myself go so far that someone would have been able to do that. I wear a shield. To go out and get to know someone without telling someone beforehand is the biggest thing you have to forgo. Still, my current life is what I always wanted. 

VF: Is the problem of trust the reason why stars often hook up with stars? 
BK: Yes. Angelina Jolie doesn't have to worry that Brad Pitt only uses her for becoming famous. A celebrity prefers someone who has the same life and is into this lifestyle as well. My girlfriends never understood why I went to our rehearsal room right after school and why I preferred to perform in clubs at the weekend, instead of sitting in front of the TV with them. Of course it's so much more difficult today. Who wants to live this life with you? And of course the person would also have to understand that you can't just get out of this life. 

VF: When were you last in love? 
BK: Three and a half years ago. I haven't found the one big love. I don't think everbody finds it. And if so, only once. In my situation, I would need much luck to find it. 

VF: With 18 years, don't you prefer to make out endlessly anyway? 
BK: I don't know. Precisely because of this life I would prefer to find the one big love instead of making out. I want to share my little time with someone I know about: This is the one! 

VF: Did you already say "I love you" to a girl? 
BK: Yes. But I didn't mean it. I should have said "I like you." The older I get, the more serious I take those differences. Tom probably always says "I love you" to a girl to get her into bed. 

VF: Do you compete for the same girls? 
BK: We like the same type. And our girlfriends were always friends with each other. It was godawful, cause they did always gang up on us. Our first kiss happened with the same girl. Tom was first. The day after that, she started kissing me. Then we were both over and done with it. Oh god, we thought it was shit - as awful as the first kiss is. 


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