VANITY FAIR- intervju del. 2


VF: Does the old cliché, that music was the ticket to escape the melancholy of the province, apply to you?
BK: Yes. I always thought: I just have to get away from this jerkwater town, where everyone knows everyone! The worst thing for me is everyday life. I hate everyday life. That's why Tokio Hotel ist he right thing for me. Every day is different: new cities, new people. 

VF: Thanks to paparazzi and so-called reader reporter, you're now on a watch 24/7. Is this impertinence or completion? 
BK: When I was a little boy, I always imagined how everything I do is being recorded by cameras and how this is going out to the world. I wanted boundless attention. Now I achieved it. How can I be annoyed by this? 

VF: Will someone ever be as important to you as Tom is? 
BK: No. It tops everything. I couldn't imagine a life without Tom. One can't describe how close we are to each other. It's something extrasensory. We often have the same thoughts and dream the same things. We actually don't have to talk to each other anymore. 

VF: Many identical twins sense their symbiosis as a torture and provide murderous sceneries. 
BK: We argue of course. And if we have an argument, it's bad. We attack each other and punch each other. One year ago we attacked each other with chairs in a hotel room. But we don't bear a grudge. We slam the doors, one of us disappears and ten minutes later we talk to each other again. 

VF: Who's closer to you: the natural Bill or the painted one? 
BK: Definitely the painted one. the natural Bill is like a masquerade to me. I would also walk around like this if I wouldn't be famous. It totally belongs to me. 

VF: Who sees you in your original state? 
BK: My family. And that's it. 

VF: Famous kids are the most corruptive species of artists, because they destroy themselves the older they get. Will you perform a fall from time to time, to keep your image interesting? 
BK: It's definitely good to show that you're not perfect. But I don't stress about this. To plan something like that so that your fans don't run away, is bad. What I hated from the beginning, were older bands or some people of record labels who wanted to explain to me how this works. There's no such thing as advice! In our first meethings with the record label, they wanted to give us a stylist who was supposed to work on our appearance. I still don't have a stylist who tells me what to wear. It would constrict me. We also decide about every concert and every contract by ourselves, because I think it's really bad not to be self-determined. 

VF: Who is allowed to say no to you? 
BK: Job-related: no one. Neither the management nor the record label. The only ones I'm still listening to are my best friends and my family. My mum can tell me: "Bill, that's sick!" and I'd think about it. 

VF: Do your parents still try to parent you? 
BK: I have to say, our mum never really did this. Doing homework was optional. She left us free space but always watched over us. There's a huge confidence between us. We are like friends. There's really nothing I wouldn't tell my mum. And I never had a secret she didn't know about. When I came home drunk for the first time, she said what she thought about it, but I didn't need to be afraid of her. 

VF: Does your mum ask you to leave your hair at least on chistmas alone? 
BK: No. She really doesn't care. I colored my hair for the first time when I was 9 years old. They were alternating between green, blue, white and black. I got my eyebrow piercing when I was 13. She was really laid-back. 


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